Material Management System - MMS

MMS is the material management software (Stock/Purchase Management). This solution is for handling material operations (Purchase) in Restaurants. It helps you to  optimize the purchase operation and increate the profitability.


  • Add Material (Inward).
  • Issue Material (Outward).
  • Generate Indent & PO (Request).
  • Reports

Operation flow of Material Management System


  • Add / Purchase item.( Inward Operation)
  • Issue items (Outward Operation) to different sub stores like Indian,Chinese,Bar
  • Stock level with color indication.
  • Shows Inward / Outward item report with stock value.
  • Vender wise  purchase item report and outstanding payment report.
  • Indent and Purchase Order generation.
  • Integration with POS to see actual item consumption.
  • User role based access control.
  • Report in TXT, CSV and PDF format.
  • Web Interface to see reports in web browser.
  • Track and Optimize purchase and increase the profitability.