Testimonials / Commnets

Restaurant Management System has been a very important and valuable addition to our business
Abhijit Shroff - Owner, Copa Cabana - Pune

CaptainPad actually helped us to maintain all the records, control cost and grow our business
Mr. Abrar - Owner, Golconda - Bangalore

CaptainPadís Restaurant Management system helped me manage my business more efficiently
Mr. Maulik - Owner, Not Just Grill - Ahmedabad

Glad we made the switch to CaptainPad, they are the best !
Mr. Joseph- Owner, Flag Restaurant - Mumbai

It was a wise decision to integrate CaptainPad as itís very easy to use, handy and convenient. It helped us in faster delivery and save time  Manager, Kolva Kinara - Goa

After installing CaptainPad, I can remotely access my restaurant business conveniently even though I am travelling
Mr. Ashoka - Owner, Ashoka Hensles - Nagpur